Český Krumlov – the perfect day trip

Never heard of it? Neither did I, but I am sure glad I got to experience it.

It’s about a 3 hour bus drive from Prague, so leave early to enjoy a full day in this magical gothic town.

Upon arrival you are greeted with spectacular views over the old town.

cesky krumlov

Enter the streets of the town and you are swept away back in time. Make your way to the castle. Take the long way and explore the shops and cafe’s. Before you enter the castle make your way to the Cloak bridge for that must have shot of the tiered structure.

Cloak bridge

After marvelling in the architectural structure, make your way to the castle and see some very weird art in the dungeon.

dungeon art

There’s a bear moat too. Very medieval, but being an animal lover, it’s not something I enjoyed seeing. Although I have to admit I am not too sure how well these animals are being treated and where exactly they came from. So anyone out there knows if these bears are being treated humanely or not. please let me and the readers know.

Before you leave the castle check that you’ve noticed the amazing sculptures that line its bridges and walk ways.

Cesky Krumlov Castle Sculptures

Next up visit the torture museum in old town. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photo’s. These things creep me out. Maybe stop at the church to make things right with the guy upstairs before heading in to the torture museum. Or just go because, it’s just a beautiful building and worth visiting.

Saint Vitus Church

End your visit with some lunch or ice cream in the town square and watch the world go by, before getting the bus back to Prague.

For more information on this magical town in southern region of the Czech Republic visit www.ckrumlov.info


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