8 reasons why Prague should be on your bucket list.

Prague is probably one of my favourite European cities and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. The architecture


Old town Prague is scattered with old gothic buildings and fairytale castles. Walking through these streets takes you back in time.

2. Talking about time

astronomical clock

The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is just cool. It’s like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

3. Did I mention castles?

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle complex has a fairytale-esque feel to it with incredible views over the city.

4. The Food

chimney cakes

Prague has some of the best street food in Europe. From pulled pork burgers to, what I like to call the Czech national treasure, Trdelnik. It’s a kind of rolled dough that’s been on a spit and covered in sugar once done.

5. Beer

Czech by beer

Prague is famous for its beer. from beer houses to beer spa’s. You will not be short of this refreshing drink here.

6. The Charles Bridge

Charles bridge

Apart from the market stalls lining the bridge, look out for the 30 statues of saints on both sides of the bridge.

7. Bohemian Crystal

As I post my own original photographs, I unfortunately have no image to show of the bohemian crystal. So I’m going to try to paint a picture in words.

Handcrafted, original, art works and jewellery line the streets of Prague. Every second shop is a crystal shop. Had wild party recently and need to replace glasses. Why not go to Prague and replace them with top quality crystal? I still dream of that one vase I saw, and all I brought back was earrings.


8. The weird and wonderful people

Prague old town

It seems as though around every other corner, there’s someone busking or performing. There’s someone blowing the most amazing bubbles and you turn around, there is Death. Not everyday you get the Grim Reaper giving you directions.


Need more reasons to visit Prague? Go visit www.prague.eu/en

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