Dinant. Why you should visit this small town in Belgium

When I planned my trip to Belgium, I came across this little place called Dinant. I like to think of myself as a bit of a music buff and so I discovered the birthplace of the Saxophone.

Being about an hours train ride from Brussels, this is an ideal day trip, if you don’t want to go to Gent or Antwerpen. Once you enter the town you take a short walk from the train station towards the river. Here you are greeted by colorful saxophones, line along both sides of the bridge.

Adolf Sax

Cross over the bridge and take a short cable car ride up to the Citadel of Dinant. The Citadel will take you back to the attacks on this small town during The War. Apart from getting a glimpse on what it feels like to be shell-shocked, the best part of this gem is the view.

Dinant - Belgium

After you’ve explored the grounds head back down to the Notre Damme de Dinant. The church is most famous for it’s pear-shaped bell tower.


Enjoy a light lunch on the river banks at one of the many small pubs and restaurants.

Pizza - Belgium

Then walk it off in the streets of this quaint town and experience a whole new side to Belgium.

streets of Dinant

Don’t miss out on this hidden gem on your next trip to Belgium.


Visit Dinant Tourisme for more information on where to stay and eat.


Click the link to book accommodation



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