24 hours in Paris

Last year I traveled through Europe for a month, and as any Euro trip should, I made a short stop in Paris. A 24 hour one to be exact. Thus I thought I’d share my 24 hour Paris itinerary and how I fell in love with this city.

We took a direct flight from Cape Town to Paris with Air France. I’ll definitely fly with them again. Service was great, food was good and the overall flight was very comfortable. This ensured that I was able to get a good nights rest for the day ahead.

Upon arrival at Charles de Gaul airport, we took the train to Gare du Nord. I highly recommend train travel, as you get to see more than just the tourist spots. I found the Paris train service to be very efficient and well sign posted, so don’t be too scared to try it. Gare du Nord station has plenty of lockers which was of great help. We rented a large locker for 24 hours, to store our main luggage in, while we took the train to Versailles.

I can go on forever about how amazing Versailles is and how the gardens are a retreat more than a tourist attraction.

And let’s not forget the opulence and testament of luxury that the royals of the time lived in. When taking the tour of the castle, make your way through to the hall of mirrors and have some fun with the mirrors.

After this you should make a turn to the war room, where they have extraordinary paintings of battles past, reminding you of the brutality of the time.

After spending the day in Versailles, we made our way to our hotel, situated no more than a kilometre from the Moulin Rouge. We settled in after a long day  and hit the hay.

The following day we were up early for breakfast, grabbed our overnight bags and made our way to the Moulin Rouge just to snap this picture.

With Paris being Paris, we walked all the way from Moulin Rouge to Mont Martre. You have to walk, the streets and shops are just too charming to pass by in a car. Just walk through the cobble stone streets and you will fall in love with this city.

It is a bit of a walk, I won’t lie, but going all the way up to the Sacre Coeur is worth the effort.

From here we took the funicular down the hill side and took the train to Norte Damme. Do yourself the favour and just walk around the corner of the cathedral and get yourself one of these delicious goodies.

PS. If you want to go into the Norte Damme, get there early. The queues are endless.

We had a bit of time left before we had to get back to Gare du Nord to pick up our luggage and take the train to our next destination (Brussels). We decided to take a walk along the Seine and just enjoyed the views and quaintness off it all.

I always wondered why they called it the city of love and I believe it’s more because you fall in love with the city itself than anything else. From art, to architecture to history, Paris is any romantic’s dream.


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