West Coast Road trippin



The other day I thought it’s a good idea to head out to the West Coast for the weekend. And what a good idea it was. I picked up a friend in Cape Town and headed off to Hopefield.

Now having family who lives there, accommodation was already sorted and the Firday night we were very much entertained by friends sharing jokes around the fire and then later a bit of dancing too.

The next day we woke up with a bit of a head ache, but it was soon gone after we grabbed some left over braai and got on the road. Our first stop was the West Coast Fossil Park.

We took a trip back in time. About 5 million years back to be more specific. A very interesting and informative journey of the kinds of animals were indigenous to the area all those years ago, and the evolution of the animals to what we have today, this is well worth a visit when in the area. Go early and grab a good cup of coffee before the guided tour at their café. Follow link below for more information.

After our history lesson, we drove out to Paternoster for lunch and vitamin sea. We stopped at the fish markets and found a little more than ‘kreef’ (Afrikaans for crayfish) and snoek, but an array of arts and crafts.

We enjoyed lunch at Voordtrandt Restaurant where I had snoek samosas for the first time. If seafood is your thing you have to take the seafood platter.

seafoodciders at the beach

I’ve heard of the panty bar before, but when we arrived there for a drink on our way out of Paternoster, we were very much entertained by the other tourists jokes. The service wasn’t too great, but everything in this places seems to run on its own pace. So either you can be a sour pus or you can join in the madness.

panty bar Paternoster

We got back on the road and made a last stop at Die Plaas Mol in Hopefield. I made friends with a donkey and a lemur, got some homemade jam and climbed the largest chair in the Southern Hemisphere. You can spend hours at this place, browsing through nicknacks and enjoying a light lunch and even catch the rugby game.

As we were heading back to Cape Town the Sunday morning, I realised that the West Coast has more to offer than crayfish and spring flowers, and there’s so many more hidden gems to discover further along.

You can book cheap flights to Cape Town International Airport and hire a car at the airport.

Mentions and links:

West Coast Fossil Park

Voorstrandt Restaurant

Panty bar

Die Plaasmol

Click the link to book accommodation



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