It’s more fun in the Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippipnes”. Their tourism slogan is not wrong, but they should add it’s a beautiful mess. A Shock to the senses, but paradise still.

The whole reason we went to the Philippines was for a friend’s wedding, however after we’ve booked and paid our flights the wedding was unfortunately cancelled. So we made the best of a bad situation and just went for a holiday. We left Mid July on the first trip I booked without the help of a travel agent. Making use of sites like Cheapflights , and Agoda.


Our flight form Doha to Manila was delayed a bit and we only arrived at our hotel at 5am. Not fun at all, but as our room was booked for the night before, we were lucky enough to be able to check in straight away and could enjoy breakfast on the rooftop terrace.

Manilla Skyline

After enjoying a good breakfast and freshened up a bit we where greeted by an old friend of mine. Manila is not the most tourist friendly city, so having a friend who could show us around was useful. We took a jeepney to Divisoria Market. We spent most of the day here bargain hunting and trying some Philippino food. I was not brave enough to try the pink eggs.


After a day of shopping we payed our respects to saint Lorenzo Ruiz at the Binondo Church. Saint Ruiz was the first Phillipino saint and his statue can be seen in front of the church.

Binondo Church

We ended our day on the rooftop terrace of our hotel and enjoyed some philippino rum. I’m not much of a rum fan, but I can honestly say their rum is tops.

Manilla at night

The next morning we took a flight out to Cebu City. Cebu is still a beautiful mess of a city, but a little more tourist friendly.

When we arrived at our hotel our room was not yet ready, so we left our luggage and went for a walk down the road. We found a small nail bar, and as we’re on holiday, we treated ourselves to a mani and pedi.

Afterwards we checked in at the hotel and took a cab to the Taoist temple in Cebu.

Taoist Temple Cebu City

Here we made some friends with the locals, and after we all made our own wishes at the wish fountain, we all made a wish with our new friends for world peace. This is one of the reasons I love travel. Meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds, who wish for the same things as most of us. Love, peace and happiness.

The next day we took a bus from Cebu City to a small town called Oslob. The long haul bus services in the Philippines is great, with free wifi, air con and small TV’s. Oslob is great. Peaceful and not so many tourists. I just loved the simplicity of the place and would definitely return there someday. We spent most of our time sunbathing and enjoying the view.

Oslob Cebu

And every now and then we did something else. Like diving with whale sharks.

Whale Shark

Take boat rides with the locals at dawn.

Philippino fishermen

Or climb out waterfalls in Samboan


It was difficult leaving this small peace of paradise, but our trip was not over yet and we had one more stop to make before heading home.

After 3 days in Oslob we head back to Cebu City, where we took a flight to Naga City.

When we arrived at Naga airport (which is just an average sized room), we were greeted by our own welcoming committee. Banners the whole works. My friend, who’s wedding we would’ve gone to’s, family welcomed us with open arms. They even treated us to lunch and took us to our accommodation.

We stayed at the CWC – Cam Sur Watersports Complex. Known to be one of the places to go if you’re a wakeboard enthusiast.

CWC Philippines

Here we spent most of our time getting a tan and just relaxing.

CWC Cam Sur

And being a bit silly too.

Christina trying to be a mermaid

Unfortunately it became time for us to go home and we still haven’t seen half of what this place has to offer, but that’s just another excuse to return someday.

We flew with Qatar Airways and Cebu Pacific

Click the link to book accommodation


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