Thailand Travel Tips

Herewith a few tips to remember when travelling to Thailand.

  • Do not over pack. Clothes are so cheap there it’s really worth just packing a carry on bag and buying the rest of your clothes there. Bangkok has some of the most amazing markets for bargain shopping.
  • Buy sunscreen and bug repellent at their local pharmacy. Their products are suited to their environment and prove to be much more effective than our South African products.
  • Drink lots of water. It might be raining, but the humidity will dehydrate you.
  • Be prepared to face some serious traffic and watch out for scooters.
  • Buy Thai baht before leaving on your holiday. South African banks do not sell the Thai baht, but it can be purchased at any currency exchange such as SFX Foreign exchange.
  • Malaria vaccine is not compulsory, but is recommended.
  • No Visa required for South African passport holders.
  • Do not take photographs of or with the lady boys, if you are not willing to pay.
  • Pack a sense of adventure and your party shoes. Phi Phi Island

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