The land of smiles (Part 2)

Here we are, departure day for Krabi.
Got up early this morning, grabbed another delicious breakfast and did some final shopping and walking around the island before we boarded our ferry to Krabi.
The ferry trip was fine and we got some much needed rest. We checked-in at the stunning Krabi Cha-Da Resort later that afternoon. Our room had beautiful views of the cliffs and a lovely veranda to relax on. The pool area was lovely and sunny, perfect for getting that holiday tan.
After settling in we went out for dinner and opted for a restaurant serving traditional Thai food. This is where we made friends with some guys from Dubai. We went out dancing the rest of the night. This is also when I decided it was a good idea to teach an Englishman how to “langarm sokkie”. (Please click on link for info on langarm sokkie Langarm Sokkie)

Krabi Thailand

The next day we decided to go for an elephant ride. Do not do this! I cannot stress this enough. This was a horrible experience. We were very naïve regarding this tourist activity. These animals are not treated right and are trained to carry you and even dance for your amusement from a very young age. They were chained up and carried metal cages for you to ride on. I could see where the chains started to chafe the elephants.
While on the ride in the jungle, our elephant was clearly not up for it and they started to beat the elephant with a metal hook. The sound from the blows was similar to someone trying to crack open a coconut. I begged him to stop and let us off, but the guide just carried on beating the elephant. I do apologise for sharing this horrible experience with you, as I try to keep my blogs fun. However, as someone who loves animals, I feel it’s important to share this with anyone who was thinking of doing this activity on their next holiday. Trust me, it’s not worth the photo.


After the whole elephant experience we went to find some inner peace at the Tiger Cave Temple.
Unfortunately we chickened out half way up the 1200 steps to the Buddha, as it was the hottest day of our entire trip and I’m not even talking about the humidity! We found a small stream on the temple grounds where we went to relax a bit, which ended up being not so relaxing. While we were relaxing and casually having a chat, one of the monks shot off fireworks right next to us! Shots firing and sparks flying! We were ducking and diving. Other tourists were having a laugh at the sight of us. I fell into the stream trying to get away. We heard about terrorist threats in Thailand before we left South Africa, so you can imagine our fright. I asked one of the monks what was that all about, but they didn’t seem to understand me too well. I’m still not sure why they did that, but I think it was to chase away the monkeys.

tiger cave temple

This day was just not working for us, thus we decided going back to the hotel would just be the best idea. We spent the rest of the afternoon around the pool, with a cocktail. Made more friends from South Africa around the pool and ended up going out with them for dinner that night. We went dancing again and swopped stories of our experiences so far in Thailand. It was a great night and we made great friends.

The following day we went looking for a beach. It was the perfect beach day. walking around and exploring in Krabi we found a small little restaurant where we stopped for a refreshment or two. We ended up making friends with our host and he recommend us to go with him and his friends to Riley Beach. This was the best beach we’ve been at in Thailand. It’s safe, clean and not too over crowded. There are spots for rock climbing or just chilling in the warm tropical waters.
We spent the entire day here before we took the last boat back.

Our last day in Krabi we spent around the hotel pool. Getting at the end of your holiday , one tends to get a bit tired and money was running low.

Krabi hotel

Up early and another great breakfast, our transfer picked us up and took us to Krabi airport. Next stop Bangkok. What a madhouse, after the peace and quite we had the last couple of days in Krabi, Bangkok was an overload for the senses. The traffic, the people, the contrast of extreme poverty and luxury.
We stayed in the stunning U Sukhumvit Bangkok. This was the best hotel we’d stayed in throughout our entire trip and I highly recommend it to all. They have a roof top pool and bar with amazing views over the city. It’s close the retail area and night time street market. Having spent most of our money by this time, we mostly stayed at the hotel and at the pool. So unfortunately I cannot say much about Bangkok at this stage, but only that there is so much to see and do, that I will have to go back again.

Bangkok skyline

We spent 2 nights in Bangkok before taking our flight back home. I have to add this though, as this was a lesson for me to be more prepared next time when travelling.
Our flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong was late this resulted in us missing our flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg. The only next available flight was at 11pm the following night. The airline was kind enough to book us into a hotel for the night and supplied us with meal vouchers for the next day. Problem was, that neither one of us thought of packing extra clothes in our carry on and our checked luggage was booked through straight from Bangkok to Johannesburg. So we had the whole extra day in Hong Kong. On the house! But we literally had no more money left to spend. We spent the whole day in the hotel watching TV. By the time  we finally made it back to Cape Town we were so tired and feeling grubby, which wouldn’t have been the case, had we packed in extra, clothes and had we worked a bit better with our money, we could’ve gone sightseeing that day in Hong Kong. Thus I always recommend to have at least a fresh shirt and clean underwear in your carry on and a R1000 for in case you get an unexpected extension on your holiday.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my misadventures in Thailand and feel free to leave any tips, comments or questions in the comment section below.

Happy Travels

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